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Rescuing Wildlife

Each year DNR receives numerous calls from citizens who, with good intentions, have "rescued" a young wild animal and are seeking tips on how to properly care for it. However, these citizens can endanger the lives of young wildlife by interfering with their natural adaptation and learning of basic survival skills. Spring is a time when many native species raise their young. It can be enjoyable to watch, but do so from a distance. Young animals are very cute and it's often hard to resist the urge to intervene, but by interfering with them, more harm than good is done.

Their chances of survival are greater if left in their natural surroundings to be raised by their parents.

Contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator with questions.

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It's also the season when sea turtles and marine mammals migrate to Maryland waters. Sea turtles are protected by the Endangered Species Act. Please report sightings and stranding to Natural Resources Police 24/7 toll-free at 800-626-9944. A biologist will be contacted to assess and monitor the situation, or to collect carcasses of dead animals and determine the cause of death.


REMEMBER- stay at least 100 feet from all wild animals for their protection and yours and - KEEP WILDLIFE - WILD !!!